Dining Room

 Whether coming from the beach or dressed to impress, our pilgrim-inspired dining room offers our guests an ambiance that offers elegance and tranquility compared to the liveliness of our tavern. Families and individuals alike enjoy the comfy booths or black linen clothed tables with (the) accompanying service found in fine dining restaurants. Our walls are adorned with pictures (of) Pilgrim settlers and Native Americans that highlight life during that era. Three magnificent glass panels portray images of the Mayflower at sea, the signing of the Mayflower Compact (one of the earliest forms of written democracy established in America) and the first Thanksgiving. This (These) images were hand etched onto the glass by an amazing local Carlsbad artist. Our wine room display upon entry establishes the mood to leave work outside and enter into a relaxing evening. Open for dinner from 5:00 P.M. daily.

Fun fact: Did you know of that of the 101 Pilgrims that traveled across the Atlantic to flee persecution and find freedom in America, only 49 made it to the first Thanksgiving? It is always fun to visit with our guests looking at the portrait with the names of our Pilgrim founders and learn that some are directdecedents (descendants) of the surviving 49!