Coffee & Gift Shop

With so much to offer, we decided to add a dedicated space for a coffeehouse and bookstore. We have soft opened our nautical inspired coffee house and bookstore during our open hours of operation facility wide. Within a few weeks, we intend to open our coffee house at 6:30 A.M. We proudly serve Illy gourmet coffee, which is recognized worldwide as one of the most delicious and well-balanced coffees internationally. In addition, we offer many handmade pastries, quick serve meals, and a smaller take-home version of our s’mores dessert. Built for the local community and still being enhanced for our final vision, come sit on our custom-made leather couch, comfy leather captain’s chairs, (or at one of) our tables and help us make our coffeehouse a local community favorite hangout. With ample parking and complimentary wi-fi (Wi-Fi), the Coffeehouse at Green Dragon is a great place to congregate, work, or obtain your caffeine fix and get back to your revolution!

Our bookstore offers an impressive collection of fiction and nonfiction history-themed books by renowned authors and some of our personal favorites. In addition to other items, we have a vast collection of historical-themed DVD’s, children’s books and coloring books to make education a little more fun. We sell these at below MSRP as we hope to promote reading about our nation’s history. The Coffeehouse at Green Dragon is truly a destination of its own, especially for those seeking to revolt against the large chain brands, and is easily accessible via its entry door located at the center of our building. Located within close distance to many residents, office parks, and the airport, the Coffeehouse at Green Dragon is a convenient and unique location for your next coffee break or place to work and be inspired.

Fun fact: Did you know that under the rule of the English, citizens of the colonies were not allowed or encouraged to protest or congregate in public? Thus, taverns and coffeehouses were the main hubs for community dialogue, dissemination of information, collaboration, and civic engagement.